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 Why Do Men Need The "Show Me How"?
Jesus Coached His Disciples
"Jesus called out to them, 'Come, be my disciples, and I will show you how to fish for people!'"   Matthew 4:19, NLT....
Jesus showed his disciples how to do the things He did, including "fishing" for people to disciple. 

Men Learn Best by Doing
Many men share a kinesthetic, or hands-on, learning style.  Everything we are able to do today is because we have been taught, shown and coached.  

BattleZONE founder, Michael Pouliot, considered the various learning methods that use the kinesthetic training model and found that sports culture and apprenticeship training to become an electrician practice a similar model to the one Jesus used.  Each uses variations of the BattleZONE Model for Discipleship; teach me, show me, coach me, release me and reproduce me.  Jesus’ goal as he coached His disciples was for them to demonstrate -- by their lifestyle -- the teachings of the Word.  They were to “DO THE WORD” under pressure, in everyday life situations. 

Imagine a coach showing a quarterback how to throw a pass.  The coach's goal is not to teach the player how to throw, but for the QB to be able to execute his teaching on the playing field under pressure.  Jesus does not want us to simply know how to obey, but to study His teachings so we can do as He did to execute His will in real-life situations.

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