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About Us
Learn about BattleZONE Ministries, its past, present, and vision for the future.

The Founder
More about Michael Pouliot, founder and president of BattleZONE and the services he provides..

Our Mission
Learn more about our unique mission to disciple men to become godly leaders at home, at work and in their places of ministry..

Our Blog
Read our thoughts about men’s ministry – news, perspectives and resources.

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Support BattleZONE with your monthly gifts.

BattleZONE Events
Learn about training and seminar opportunities.

Video Testimonies
Hear what men are saying about BattleZONE Ministries.

Our History
BattleZONE Ministries is a multidenominational Christian organization founded in 2004 as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit with the support of a variety of local churches and parachurch organizations in the Fresno, California area.

Currently . . .
BattleZONE combines basic Christian spiritual training with a cyclical discipleship strategy designed to build and reproduce strong, effective disciples of Jesus Christ. BattleZONE Ministries helps churches develop male leadership by:

  • TEACH ME...Teaching men real-life application of the Bible (VIEW EXAMPLE)
  • SHOW ME ...Showing men what hands-on application of scriptural truth looks like (VIEW EXAMPLE)
  • COACH ME...Coaching men to master these skills through practice in a safe environment (VIEW EXAMPLE)
  • RELEASE ME...Releasing men to apply Biblical principles under real-life pressure (VIEW EXAMPLE)
  • REPRODUCE ME...Reproducing other strong male Christ-Followers through cyclical discipleship (VIEW EXAMPLE)

           BattleZONE Promo Video
    Inspirational clips from men impacted by BattleZONE Ministries as they give testimony to God's work through this training course.