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 About BattleZONE Ministries / The Founder
Michael Pouliot, Founder
How did BattleZONE begin? 
After being in church for only a few years I was looking for someone to disciple me.  I saw many of the church “leaders” not living a life that honors God.  I was confused and cried out to God to help me to take His Word and live it out in my day-to-day life.  Yet God sent now one.  I then had a young man who I was discipling that “said the prayer” and was “baptized” but he continue to live a life of sin which eventually cost him his life.  I was devastated and even more confused. Yet God sent no one.   I cried out to God with one question, “God why is it that you give born-again believers a new heart, new spirit and new nature, yet we as men are not living in victory for Christ?  After a four year journey of asking God that one question, seeking His word and His face The BattleZONE Training Course was written.