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About Us
Learn about BattleZONE Ministries, its past, present, and vision for the future.

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More about Michael Pouliot, founder and president of BattleZONE and the services he provides..

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Learn more about our unique mission to disciple men to become godly leaders at home, at work and in their places of ministry..

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About Michael
Chief of selfishness, saved by the loving grace of God.  Upon conversion, Michael Pouliot was hungry for the Word and on fire for Christ until his flesh quenched the Holy Spirit.  Like many men, he was frustrated and lived in half-hearted obedience.  Because of his unfaithfulness, he was swept into the wilderness of despair.  Here, he cried out to God and finally left his selfish ambitions (career, future goals, worldly idols and economic security) behind.  With only the stubborn faith God allowed to remain in his heart, he sought God's will and suffered pain as his flesh began to die.  Michael dropped everything he was holding on to and clung to the Cross of Jesus and His promises. Michael’s personal mission statement is; “To know God’s will and do it as I lead my family and others to live a life of holiness submitted to Christ.” 

Michael Pouliot brings over a decade of ministry experience and a single-hearted desire for men to experience real life in Christ to BattleZONE. Michael has been a member of the National Coalition for Men’s Ministry and is certified by NCMM as a Coach. He has been an instructor for SHAPE, Homebuilders, and Joshua’s Men, among others.  He has led numerous men’s groups, spoken from the pulpit and currently is working on a new project called Liquid Discipleship. 

Michael is deeply concerned that the majority of Christian men seem to lack a commitment to live a life that glorifies God.  As he has worked with men, he has recognized the tendency to try to live for God “in spurts”, becoming overwhelmed by temptation and falling back into a half-hearted Christian life. Hundreds of men meet together, pray together and study God’s Word, but despite this, they lack victory.  Michael believes that the information presented in the typical men’s Bible study isn’t the problem, but rather the way the information is being delivered. He is often quoted saying. "Discipleship is Relationship."  Meaning that the very foundation of authentic discipleship is not about information shared but the sharing of our lives in a with a trusted small team of men.

Michael is a graduate of Montana State University, where he earned his bachelor’s degree in dietetics while playing football.  He is a Registered Dietitian (RD) and fitness expert.  He has his Masters in Business Administration from the Craig School of Business at California State University, Fresno.

Michael is the youngest of three siblings, both of whom recently gave their lives to the Lord.  He has been married for over 16 years to his best friend, Anastasia. They are the parents of four children: Bethany, and Caleb (who bless them daily) and Baby Joe and his sibling who wait for them in heaven.  He is committed to lead his family using the Bible as his playbook, the Holy Spirit as his coach, and Jesus as his role model.